Welcome to Aiyuk and Company Chartered, CPAs

Our firm is designed and programmed to satisfy the tax, attest, accounting, consulting, managerial, and advocacy needs of individuals, organizations, and businesses located in all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

Whether you are just starting a business and you need someone to handle the paperwork and do all your periodic reporting to the various state and federal agencies. Or, you are simply shopping for a new accountant, at Aiyuk & Company Chartered, CPAs we would be delighted to learn about your specific business and to show you what we can do to enhance your effectiveness and profitability. In some instances you might just want your taxes professionally prepared, we have the education, training, skills, and expertise to do your taxes right!


You are certainly taking the steps to make your business dreams come true. You definitely need an accountant who understands you and your business and who will generously provide the strategic advice and will work with you for sustained growth.

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Pursuit of Excellence

Mistakes could have grave and far reaching consequences. As you execute your plans to realize your objectives do not under-estimate the importance of having the right accountant. We can partner with you for excellence, success, and growth.

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Sometimes things happen and we find ourselves in difficult situations. If you are getting phone calls and letters from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) telling you that you owe the government, then you need to give us a call! We offer to represent you before the IRS.

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